How to Detect Who is Spying on Your Android Phone ?

A simple guide to help you to live secured

It should be no surprise to you when I tell you that the government is spying on you. It is a technological world. With the help of your phones, computers and laptops the government has full access to your personal details as if its a journal kept in under your pillow.

If you need to find out which government agency is spying on your phone. Open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Status’ or ‘About Device’.

Make sure your WiFi is off during this period. Then look for your phones IP address.


Once finding out your IP address, open your browser (laptop, mobile or whatever you are using) and navigate your way to

Once on that site put in your IP address in the address bar on the top of the page. Once you type in you IP address in the address bar and search, a new screen will show up. From there you can see everything about your phone network and phone carrier.


As you can see from the image posted above, the IP address of the phone is being monitored by the DoD (Department of Defense) Network Information Center.

As many of you will go and find out the agency monitoring your own IP address, don’t be surprised if many of you are being monitored by the same agency as many. There are some other government agency that do the same task.

To protect your phone you can “mask” your IP address by connecting to secured Wi-Fi networks, and also using a paid VPN service. This helps decrease the “spying” of your governing agency.

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