What the fans wanted from DC Movies and Marvel, and what they got?

In the growing era of DC movies and Marvel both of DC movies and Marvel have to answer this question.

This Growing Era of DC movies and Marvel leading a question i.e., What the fans wanted from DC Movies and Marvel, and what they got? DC movies and Marvel have to answer this question. Why did Marvel succeed at the ‘box office’? Even more precisely asking,” How did marvel manage to connect to its fans so good?” Just Have a look at their marvelous comic characters and then watch any of their movies you’ll get it. Whenever a marvel movie comes out, people are not just excited about seeing the action, but also to know, what happened to their favorite superheroes in their lives with each successive part?

The best thing about Marvel Studios is, that relying on the original comic story has been their backbone, throughout these years. And more than that, they have done justice to the characters so important, not to ignore. Now you would all be baffling with the question that why am I talking more of Marvel here, than saying something regarding the ‘one more added’ installment in the DC universe-Suicide Squad? That would be more justified, right? Well, this particular word ‘justice’ has really something to do with DC Studios, believe me doing justice with their movies. It’s been quite long since the movie actually released, but being a fan and from a point of realization, you’ve got to think over this.

Imagining the on-screen battle, it would be no surprise to see Marvel as the ultimate winner.

Let’s come straight to Suicide Squad, before going any further on so many scattered issues. As a fan, the only highlight, from my expected feelings, was the Joker. That’s it. I didn’t want anything but the real Joker from this messed up a collection of super villains. Reason? Because I didn’t see any other villain previously in any of the DC movies released (including Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy). That should have been taken care of, that DC movies just got away with. Still, as a fan, you can suppress your feelings because one of your most favorite anti-heroes is there on the big screen. But DC movies thought to take a temperamental test out of our nerves-serving a dish, without any taste. Not even having a mixed one! The Joker was its USP, without keeping a doubt in mind and that turned out to be the week if not completely lost cause, for this third in the DC movie’s extended universe.

Harley Queen (played by Margot Robbie) had a chance to make the plot lively, but never got much of a chance.

I thought it would cease to expand after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but now I know, that it had to, but with Suicide Squad. I can’t make out, why DC movies are on a self-suicidal mission? Really! The super villains are those which many of us would have not even heard of if not being totally unknown to us. But to have these together, you’ve to build a plot where each and every character possesses his or her own story to tell. In simple words, a semi-solo movie for most of Suicide Squad’s villains; you can keep Joker as an exception. As Batman can be called the Joker, and Joker, the Batman. They make each other complete.

The most loved villain made immortal by Heath Ledger became one of the weak points of Suicide Squad.

DC movies

The plot of this ‘anti-hero gang squad’ is so complicated with itself that the characters themselves are unaware of what their purpose is. At one point, they seem to be outrageous, and at next, a bit more outrageous and then a bit moralistic (only in one scene, if I am not wrong). And I seriously didn’t get that.

The most complicated villains in DC movies, as shown in Suicide Squad.

Despite having a solid storyline to present, in which all deadly villains are given their freedom in return for eradicating a heavier, mightier and threatening entity, David Ayer (the director), couldn’t hold this one, together. Adding to it, the deletion of some of the joker scenes, only ensured that we, the fans, forget about seeing the good old joke impact in near the future. Wish, Heath Ledger was there to laugh at it and say, “Chaos!”

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