Why Your Planning For Content Promotion Strategy Fails?


If you are planning wrong then you are planning to fail!

Planning is very important if you are in a mood of doing something. Planning plays an important role in every task. But what happens when planning fails? This means that there are some faults in planning. Somewhere you are failed to plan properly.

Content marketing comes under the best ways of market your business, just after the social media marketing ways. There are some companies in which content marketing is first priority but sometimes it doesn’t work as they were expecting it to work. The main reason behind this that very few people understand or you can say very few people know how to do effective marketing. Others are not well aware of this.

Aren’t both content marketing and social media marketing involve content? Yes they are clear and distinct concepts but somehow both are dependent on contents. Just think about it once. The difference is that the focus of content marketing must be on content only rather than focusing on the promotion, how to do promotion is second, firstly what will be the content and how to make content attractive comes.

And in social media marketing promotion is first priority. In social media marketing main focus is on promotion rather than focusing on the content. Only a few people are able to make the distinction between the two, the social media marketing and content marketing, this is the main reason behind the failure of content marketing. This is the biggest mistake which people do in their planning of promoting content.

This doesn’t mean that promotion is not part of content marketing strategy. It is part of content marketing. But the difference is that it comes in the end rather than in the beginning. You need to learn the fact that “content promotion is a conglomeration of different strategies, and not a single concept”. There are a number of reasons why your content promotion plan doesn’t work out. Some of them are as under.



You have no Distribution and promotion Plan

Here comes the fact that “Knowing is not the same as doing”. If you know something that doesn’t mean that you can do that. There are a number of companies even more than half of the companies of content marketing are well aware of the fact that they need a distribution plan, but many of them around 75% don’t actually want to invest in planning and execution. This is the main reason behind the failure of content marketing. That is why they fail to get the result according to their expectations.

They focus mainly on the content creation, how to create content, they spend money and time on content creation without thinking about how, where, and when they will use it. They don’t know where they are going to use the content on which they are giving time and spending lot of money. And that is why their content does not give result as they were expecting. The result of the content doesn’t come out as lead or sales because only a few were able to see the effort and appreciate the same.

Instead of wasting your resources, precious time and money, you must go for a distribution and promotion plan. When you make a distribution and promotion plan for every new piece of content, for every part of fresh content, you are creating or you are ensuring maximum returns. Here what you can do is that you should mix organic channels and paid channels to get the most out of what you have invested. The reason behind this is that you cannot count or you were not able to count simply on people who found your content amongst so many other posts. What you have to do is that you need to go an extra mile in order to accomplish your expectations.

The Lack Of Engagement in work

The main focus of content marketing is none other than engaging the audience in the content. Main concentration of content marketing is on the engagement of audience in the content. For this what you have to do is that you need to produce contents on regular basis and you have to make sure that the content which you are producing are relevant, and damn interesting for your audience, no irrelevant facts are tolerable. If you are not able to do so then you are wasting your time and effort as well.

Those contents who have value equal to zero or you can say that they are having no value at all for the audience you are targeting. They are just similar to that you are not posting that content at all.  The content is not up to the mark. It is not able to engage your audience in any way. And what worse can happen after doing this is that your audience may start thinking and associating your company, your site with spam content which is better known as an irrelevant and inappropriate content.

Enough Analytics is missing    

Here comes the fact that “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. But what this means in case of content marketing, how does it relate to that. So the answer is that in content marketing, what you have to do is to measure how your content is doing in real life. This gives you an idea that how can you improve your content in case if it is not working out according to your expectation or not build up to the mark.

There exist four metrics on which you need to focus; you have to pay attention on these four: They are consumption, sharing, leads, and sales. You have to concentrate on these four. Many companies make similar mistake of focusing only on two metrics out of four. But in case of content marketing you can’t avoid the rest two, you have to focus on all four metrics and focus all the time.

There is no Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many people think that SEO, Search Engine Optimization is just a bit of a sellout and content marketing is only about creating great contents. No doubt, Content marketing and SEO are not mutually exclusive terms. When you are overboard and concentrating too much on SEO you are damaging and harming your organic content but having no SEO at all is also a bad thing because if there is no SEO then how people will find you and your content.

By using SEO but wisely can effectively drive the web traffic to your site and it will help in generating leads and sales without even compromising the value of your content. There are a number of SEO strategies but how to use them wisely is up to you only.



Single Channeled-Ness

Many companies use a strategy which is not so good and effective for content marketing but they use it. It is known as funnel-type strategy for content marketing. In this what they do is they publish content on their own website and then they share a link on different sites so that people come back to the side as it lead people back to the site.

This is good and fine enough if people are willing to click on the link and are in a mood of following it. Promoting your content by posting links to your sites on different platforms is not so good strategy. It is a bit of a turn-off. Instead of applying funnel strategy to make people come on your website, firstly try creating versions of your brand or your company on different channels and secondly post long form content there, don’t even think of short form.

The strategy of Omni-channeling will help you out and makes you more visible and easily accessible.  Just for example, what you can do is that you can create a Facebook page where you will post appropriate and relevant content for your Facebook audience and also you have a well populated Pinterest board or you have a famous YouTube channel. Here what extra you can do is to send exclusive content via email or newsletter to your subscribers.

If you are able to make enough people recognize your brand or your company then there is no need to rely or depend on those links, you can still put them up, but there is no need of them as such to make people to come to your site. Your audience will search for your website on their own to see what the update is and what else they can get from there.

Vandana Mishra
Vandana is our long-form author and loves to write about everything regarding technology Tips and tutorials for the people to solve their daily tech How to’s.
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