The City of Lakes and the Emergence of Hip Hop

Meeting the frontiers

The City of Lakes, the 17th largest city in India, The capital of the Indian state, Madhya Pradesh, is mostly in talks for its greenery, and the man made “Upper Lake.” But the music scenario is entirely changing since the last few years as the genre ‘Hip Hop’ touched the minds and hearts of people.
The art form/music genre is currently in a state of rapid evolution throughout the town. Focusing on the people doing it, are the rappers and beatboxers from the town. We looked into their work and their lives. And here’s what we found:


Hip Hop

Birth Name: Ronit Roy

Talking to him, what we felt is, he’s trying to uncover the hidden truths in the regular lives of people. Talking about the struggle in Everyday’s life, and how he conquered it all through the ‘hustle’ , this underdog is focused on playing the rap game his way… VILLAINOUS.
A founding member of the best hip hop crew from Bhopal, called “MP04” , This  guy happens to be an important part of the revolution throughout the state. His most recent song is called “Fight like a warrior” which features a fellow rapper “Crackhead” and is available on the platforms Youtube and Soundcloud.
upon asking his origins, he only smiles and says “Yet to be discovered”


Birth Name: Amaan Khan

Afghani origins, Indian Guy, The Machine made out of a man. Askin about the path he has walked upon, he says” I was stubborn, Driven to prove myself, That’s why i never gave up, I’ve seen days without the support and the encouragement and left those days behind”

His recent song ‘Rang’ is about heartbreaks and the period after that. About how an average guy chooses the path of drug abuse and the rest is , Well go see for yourself


Hip Hop

Birth name: Lalit Mohan Yengal

As crazy as the name sounds, this guy is an explanation of the name. ‘Cracked’ and  ‘Crazy’ that’s how he raps. Talking to him one thing that we understood about him is there’s no limit to his imagination.  Talking about the topics he’s focused upon, he says “Changes are waiting to come, I am the bringer of the modification, you are the bringer of the modification, we are all the bringers of various changes.”  Crackhead explained about his joint ventures “Cracked Rabbit Skulls” and “MP04” with ‘Rabbit The Villain’ and other fellow rappers in depth which gave us the glimpse of his upcoming tracks and the development of hiphop.


Hip Hop

Birth Name: Prayatna Jain

What wonders can human voice and determination do? Have a look at another talent who has made it to the national level. Travelling place to place, performing at various stage, accomplishing many feats, this guy has mastered the art of vocal percussion and can scratch any beat correctly.
This beatboxer has been to the famous TV show ‘Entertainment Ke liye kuch bhi karega’ which was judged by Annu Malik and Farah Khan. His skill set gives him the advantage of producing the sounds of kicks, snares, hats, bass, and other instruments without having a drumset! Why? Because the sounds are so realistic.


Hip Hop

Birth name : Namish Singh
Probably the most realistic rapper from the Bhopali underground, this guy sets an example of why hip hop doesn’t necessarily needs to be ‘For Sale’. Never been in the commercial hip hop area, he prefers to stay underground and rap about the truths in the society. From his first song ‘The Street poet’ to the recent MP04 cypher he featured in, he laid influences on his lyrical skills instead of using cheesy lines.According to him, the only thing that has to be changed in the society is the Orthodox thoughts about a child’s future. ‘Life is bigger than that’, he quotes and we have to agree, he’s right.
Ujjwal Sahay
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