BMW’s New SmartBike launched Which Doesn’t Require a Helmet

The new BMW concept bike is here which will blow your mind off

On Tuesday BMW launched its new dream bike everyone was eagerly waiting for. It’s a smart bike and according to BMW it doesn’t require a helment. the riders can get rid of protective gears and helmet things with this new concept bike. Also this super bike is the new gift from BMW on its 100th Birthday celebration.


This motorbike is the next iteration of BMW in the field of superbikes. This bikes comes with the self balancing system to keep is standing from both the sides. Also it is compatible with the motorcycle touchscreen feature which is really amazing and gives the rider a super comfortable switing experience.

Here comes the best images released by BMW of this bike which let you see it from all around :


Here comes the each part explaination of the new bike:


Watch the Video here:

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 (Source YouTube)




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