Best Inspirational Quotes From Greatest People of All the Time

Unforgettable words said by some of the greatest people ever lived on the Planet

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Steve Jobs became what he was because he wanted to defy the odds and build on his vision for a future that we see today.

Inspiration can be external or internal and can be imbibed from anything that gives a positive vibe to you in some sense or the other. There are motivational aspects in everyone’s life which are vital to succeed, for achieving the desired objectives. The world has seen a cluster of some remarkably gifted mortal beings that revolutionized the way we see and make approach about the worldly things. Initially they were called losers and freaks but at last we all had to take a bow and respect them with all our hearts out! Their each word and action pushes you out of your comfort zone to take a leap higher than what you are limited to. Just have a glance at some of the best lines which will leave you charged-up!


Steve Jobs



I cannot find any other person than him to appear first on the list of the most inspiring humans, who ever lived (only my opinion, guys). The late Apple co-founder teaches you through his every life moment that consists of a notable lesson. His unforgettable technological revolutions have already transformed into a more better place. Innovation and creativity have taken a new form through his unparalleled vision.

Albert Einstein


The relativity theory was a mind-boggling discovery by the greatest scientist of his century. More than his phenomenal works on physics and matter he was also known for his dedication and wit for whatever he loved to do.

Winston Churchill


Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom was a statesman who led his country from the jaws of defeat to a victory which is a legend in itself. Winston served in the British military and worked as a writer before going into politics. When he became the Prime Minister in 1940, he successfully led an allied strategy with the U.S and Russia during the World War II.

Thomas Edison


It’s true that without light the industrial revolution would have died. So many years back, a man introduced us to a new way of tackling darkness-the electric bulb! Rest is history as everyone knows what it has done since its day of invention.

Benjamin Franklin


A great thinker, author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, investor, civic activist, statesman and diplomat. He contributed in the American enlightenment and the history of physics for his remarkable discoveries related to electricity.

Will Smithimage007

We still remember ‘A Pursuit of Happiness’, and the exceptional performance of Will Smith flashes in your memory like a soothing feel. He is known for delivering an outstanding acting talent in some major films. This actor, producer, rapper and songwriter have achieved a laudable status through his appreciable contribution in movies.


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