6 Best Ways to Become Completely Anonymous Over Internet


You can never cut off yourself completely from the whole internet But there are number of ways to less your online footprints

Finally ready to leave the grid? It’s not too simple as it must be, but there are a few easy-to-easy steps that will focus you in the right direction at the very less time. If you are learning this, it is highly likely that your personal information is present to the public. And by the way open we mean, everyone is present everywhere means connected to the internet. And also you can never cut off yourself completely from the whole internet. There are some ways to less your online footprint. Here is no. of methods to do it.

Be warn, however; extracting your information from the whole internet as I have laid it out below, can adversely affect your ability to get in touch with potential employers.

1. Delete your social network, shopping and services accounts. Delete your social network, shopping and services accounts

1. Delete your social network, shopping and services accounts1. Delete your social network, shopping and services accounts

Please think about that which social sites you have profiles on. Apart from the big ones, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Orkut and Instagram, do you still have public accounts on sites like Google+, Tubemate or even MySpace? What’s about your Rediff mail account? Which shopping sites are you using now? Regular ones might get information stored on Amazon,, Flipkart, Myntra, Ebay, Snapdeal, etc.

To get rid of the accounts which are not using now, go to the account settings and then just see for an option to deactivate, close or remove your account. Depending on your account, you can find it under Privacy, security or something similar to that.

find it under Privacy, safety or something analogous to that.

If you are facing some trouble with any particular account, then try searching on the internet for “How to remove,” followed by the type of the account you want to delete. You should be ready to get some instructions on how to remove that particular account. If you could not delete your account due to some reasons, change your info on the account to something other than your main info.

Using the service like delete me or something like that can make removing yourself from the internet with less of a headache.

2. Remove yourself from data sites

2. Delete yourself from data sites

There are many sites out there to collect your identity. They are called brokers of data, and they have some stereotypical names as well as plenty of others. They gather data from everything you perform online and then get profit by selling that data to interested parties, mostly in order more personally advertise to yourself and sell you the more stuff.

Now you can search for yourself on these data sites and then deal with every site individually to collect your name removed.

 The main problem is, the method for opting out from each data site is very different and many times involves sending males and filling out actual physical paperwork.

Anyway, the easier way to do it is to utilize the services like deleteme, etc. For about $130 for the membership of the 1 year, the service will extract through all those monotonous problems for you. It will even check back after few months to make sure that your name has not been re-added to these data sites.

3. Delete your information directly from websites

3. Delete your information directly from websites Internet

Please, first check from your phone company and cell provider to make sure that you are not online and have them remove your name if you are.

If you wish to remove an old forum post or the old embarrassing blog which you wrote back in the past day, you will have to contact the web owner of those sites personally. You can either see at the know us or Contacts section of the site to get the correct person to contact or go to the website and search for the company domain name you wish to contact. There you should get information on who exactly to communicate.

But unfortunately, private website operators are not under any obligation to delete your posts. So, when you are contacting these sites, be polite and clearly state that why you wish the post removed. Hopefully, they will follow through and delete them.If they do not do this, tip number four can be useful, but still valid, option.

4. Remove your personal information from websites

4. Delete your personal information from websites Internet

If someone is posted some sensitive information of yours such as the Social Security number or the personal bank account number and the web owner of the site where it was posted would not delete it, you can send the proper request to Google to have it extracted.

You can have to exercise some constitutional powers to receive your personal information obtained from the stubborn site. Maybe this removal process can take some time, and there has no guarantee that it will be successful, but there is also your best option if you find yourself in such awkward situation.

5. Delete outdated results

5. Delete outdated results

The Google’s URL tool for removal is very useful for removing your evidence of the previous mistakes from these sites.

Let us say that there is the web page with information about you on it you would like to get rid of. You reach out there to get them. They work, but when you search your name, the page still represents up in your search results — even though your info is not anywhere to be found when you check the link. It means that the old version of the page is cached on search servers.


Here is this tool comes, then submit the URL to search engine (there is also the submission form for Bing or some other) in hopes it will then update its servers by deleting the cached search result i.e. you are no longer touched with the page. There is no guarantee search engine will remove the cached info for some reasons, but it is worth try as much of your presence as possible from the internet.

6. And at last, you have to delete your email accounts


Depending on the type of your email account, the number of steps this will require will vary. You will have to sign in into your account and then get the option to remove or close the account. Some accounts remain open for a specified period so that if you want to activate them again, you can.

An email address is required to complete the whole previous steps, so make sure that this one is your last. Remember to have patience when going through the entire process, and do not expect that it will complete in one or two days. You can also have to accept that there are some things you would not be able to delete from the internet.

Ujjwal Sahay
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