Apple’s new Accessibility feature : What it really do for special users ?

The new software service was launched by the tech giant during the Launch Event of its new Macbook Pro Series last month

Apple Inc. just recently, has launched a new assistive feature or say, kind of a software aid called ‘Accessibility’, for its users who are physically challenged or handicapped and for others too, who want to maximize their Apple devices into a more interactive manner. But with the help of the ‘accessibility’ feature, they won’t need to have an external support of anyone to get going on their iOS devices. The huge step was taken by Apple, on the eve of the World Accessibility Day alongside Apple’s Keynote Event. As they say, “We don’t design products for some people or even most people. We design them for every single person.” Going with this statement, it seems, the company is heading towards a bigger target-ultimate convenience for its customers.

What is the Accessibility feature in general?



The accessibility assistance by Apple is simply an enhancement of its software interfaces in each of its devices, namely iPhone, iPad, Mac, iWatch and TV, so that even those users who are physically challenged, can use them without any difficulty or a sense of having a disability. How it accomplishes the goal, will be interesting to see but yes, it’s a remarkable step by the Cupertino based firm. The Accessibility feature resolves some basic issues that people with disability face or used to face earlier. Have a brief look-

Assistance during daily workout, on Apple Watch.



As we are aware of the fact what a smartwatch is generally made for-to keep a check on your daily health conditions, right? Well, Apple has just kept that point in mind while improving on its smartwatch series.The iWatch has now been equipped with fitness algorithms, which are specially designed for wheelchair users. Rather than calculating your steps taken, the fitness apps, ‘Activity’ and ‘Workout’ track the pushes made by the users and boost your enthusiasm for covering some more distances. That’s just magnificent.

Editing media files without using a mouse or trackpad on Mac!



The switch control enables a user to use joystick, switches or any other adaptive device, to actually take control of what’s on the screen, while doing any task on the Mac. It helps in navigating through the onscreen keyboards and the dock using different options. Also, for the Mac, the VoiceOver assistive feature is just the thing that had to be there for the utmost important functions to be performed. VoiceOver is a built-in screen reader doing text-to-speech function and it is useful for those who are blind or have any kind of visibility problem. Now, you don’t have to see the Mac to see what’s there on the screen. VoiceOver tells you about it and also talks to you for actions like editing a video or navigating from app to app.

More clarity in sound quality, through your iPhone


The Hearing aids designed by Apple Inc., for its users.


Hearing on your iPhone gets a new kind of boost through the Live Listen app which lets you use the ‘hearing aids’, especially designed for listening in highly populated areas or places like malls, restaurants etc. You just have to move the iPhone closer to person you are speaking, and rest will be taken care of by the microphone, which picks up everything they say and you get an undeterred and unaffected sound, regardless of the place where you are, that moment. And yes, the Switch control here too, plays a vital role in letting you interact with the software, without even touching the phone, to access any app! It uses Bluetooth-enabled switch hardware-like Sip/Puff, which normally acts as a button switch or a joystick, which helps in tapping, scrolling, playing games and other stuffs.



Covering all the needed portions for making life much better to live for the differently abled ones, Apple has struck an appreciable chord with all its users worldwide. These kind of initiatives must be increased even by other tech giants too. Another area of interest will be the reception of this feature by those for whom the company has laid out its ambitions. Seems like Apple’s on the right track-for the good and ‘for the rest of us’.

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