Android Wear Payment Revealed in Google Play Listing

android wear payment

Android Wear Payment Revealed in Google Play Listing as in google play app listing shows that how you will pay for android wear and android wear app

Google is planning the release Android Wear 2.0, an initiative to get more people involved with Android Wear smart watches. And one of the key steps in Android Wear direction is Android Pay. Before its release, Google has posted some screen shots on Play Store that show how Android Wear is going to work.

At supported retailers with an Android Pay or contactless logo, you will simply have to hold your NFC-equipped Android Wear watch next to a terminal till it gets approved. Then it will detail the latest transaction in a list, and you can then quickly scroll to see your recent history.

To put it simply, you will be able to pay immediately from your watch without the hassle of looking around for your phone or wallet. This is a feature that the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear 3 have had for a while. So here Google is just playing catch up with its competitors.

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But here comes the catch. You smartwatch must be equipped with an NFC chip, and none of the current models have it. So the present users are out of luck here. According to a leak, however, we have come to know that LG and Google are prepared to release two new smartwatch models, the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style. And we also know that Android 2.0 itself is set to make an entry in February, thanks to a developer letter.

The leaks and the screenshots all point to the fact that the LG watches and the Android 2.0 itself should be arriving pretty soon. And once they have arrived we will have a pretty clear picture of it all. We will know for sure if a user will need to have their phone with them to pay using the smart watch and related details.

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