Top 6 perfect alternatives to augmented reality android games

There is has been so much of craze around Pokemon-go, that it is least likely to think of it as a monster game for many of us! Believe it or not, but that has been the scenario from the moment of its launch-worldwide, and those who have already played it, got themselves indulged either in some minor accidents or mostly, the severe ones-on roads, grounds, parks and even at home! Seeing its mostly addictive and negative impact, governments of many countries have now banned it completely.

So, those of you who are left dejected-don’t be! Actually you just got yourself saved, from any miss-happening that has been observed across the globe while playing this maniac game! So, what can be the best replacement for this too-addictive android game? Simple, a more better, and highly addictive game which not only makes you hooked at one place without having to move in and out, but also boost your nervous system by sharpening your brain reflexes!

1. Candy Crush Series

The old android game is never going to get a hit, on its popularity.

The candy crush saga is a benchmark game that’s been one of the most played and loved android applications, since its inception, a few years ago.

2. Brain Dots

Brain Dots makes you work on your brain really hard, while you progress with each level.

When it comes to personal opinion, trust me, this game can make you seriously hooked to your sofa or even a chair! Reason? It’s got all that a challenging gamer wants. Rest, I won’t disclose it further. Have a nice playing time.

3. Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop has got an addictive side through its enchanting riddles.

The mesmerizing shapes that come at the end of a level’s completion are just so amazing which keeps you involved into it. The game is about deconstructing and re-constructing a figure, made of curves, and won’t make you disappointed in anyway possible!

4. Smash Hit!

By far the best graphics android game that has arrived, in recent years.

Graphics are fabulous, game-play is fantastic and the game is awesome! Need I say more, now? The USP of this glass-crashing game is probably, its simple yet catchy styled design that never bores you.

5. Mini Militia

It’s got very interesting and engaging multi-player features, being responsible for its increasing downloads.

You are killed! That’s the line when you get it lightly. Actually, it happened with me most of the times when I had no idea how to play this most addictive, shooting cum killing game. But all in all, you have to agree that you can’t get away without having yourself get stuck to it, for once.

6. Asphalt 8 Airborne

The love of racing can never get a halt, especially when it comes to Asphalt Series.

We have been all the lovers of Need for Speed series, and I won’t describe the landmark franchise further. Well, there is a same pleasure giving game, but for the smartphones, matched with the same adrenaline pumping graphics as of the above described all-time best PC series. Asphalt 8 Airborne takes racing to new gaming levels, by its upgraded features and mind blowing visuals.

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