How to allow and show ads to users having ad blockers Enabled

How to allow and show ads to users having ad blockers? Is the biggest question every blogger is looking for, and Yes!if there is a way for your will. You can show ads to users who are having ad blockers. In order to get the solution for this problem, you will have to know several things first. Here many questions arise such as “Why people block ads?” So we will answer all the questions and at last you will get the solution for your problem. So let’s begin.

  • What is ad blocking?

Ad blocking or you can say ad filtering is a type of software that can remove the advertising content from a website or mobile application.

  • Why people block ads?

The full page pop-up irritates the users, this force them to find the ‘X’ button to close that advertise. Majority agrees upon the fact that today’s ads are more intrusive and prevalent. There are a number of annoying ads; they install ad blockers in order to block the ads. Many ads are disruptive. So there are genuine reasons behind the blocking of ads.

How to deal with Ad blockers user on your site?

  • Be polite on asking users for stopping.
  • No need to do anything, as ad blockers are blocking, so this simply means they are not interested.
  • Curate ads system may help you out.
  • Try redirecting them.

    Solution for “show ads to users having ad blockers with ABP”

You can show ad to the users who have ad blockers with ABP (ad blockers plus). Now, here you will ask that what is ad block plus and how I can take advantage of that. So here is full tutorial which is going to explain you step by step how you can solve your problem with ABP (ad blockers plus).

  1. What is ABP (Ad blockers plus) and how it helps

It is a tool that provides users the facility to block the ads. Ads cover pages and interrupts in the enjoyment of free online service. But all ads are not annoying; yes there are some irritating ones. But this is not fair that you are blocking all just because of some. You can whitelist here. For your convenience acceptable Ad initiative was made. You have a disable option also by which you can browse totally Ad-free.

ad blockers-1

  1. Acceptable ads criteria

There exist two criteria for the ads which fall under the category of Acceptable Ads. One is General Criteria and other is Specific Criteria. Under General Criteria there are two constraints, first is PLACEMENT OF AD, in this the ad must not cover or interrupts the view of reader. It should be placed on top, side or below so that it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to the reader/user.

ad blockers-2

Second is DISTINCTION, in this the ad must be recognizable; it can be distinguishable from all the existing content. There must be mark of “Ad” or similar to it.

ad blockers-3

Third is SIZE, in this the size of ad is set as according to its placement. In case if the ad is placed above the main content the maximum height of the ad is 200px. You cannot exceed that. In case if the ad is placed on the either side of the main content, the maximum width of the ad must be 350px, you cannot exceed that.

Under Specific Criteria there are several constraints. First is TEXT ADS in which excessive use of colors to attract the user is not permitted. You cannot use elements for just attracting the user.

Second is IMAGE ADS in which static image can fall under the category of acceptable but only after the total evaluation which is based on their integration on the webpage on which you want to show the Ad. There are other formats also by which you can make your ad acceptable.

  1. Which doesn’t falls under the category of acceptable ad

The animated ads, the expanding ads, the ads which are oversized, the irritating pop-ups and pop-under, the overlay ads, the rich media ads, ads which have excessive hover effects etc.

  1. If there is a way to unblock all the acceptable ads?

Unfortunately but the answer to this question is a big “NO”, you can’t. There is no automatic technical way to recognize the ads and decide whether they fall under your acceptable ads criteria or not.

  1. When you need to report?

When an Ad is allowed but it doesn’t meet the requirements. You can remove from list if the advertiser abuses its placement on the exception list.

  1. How to see what is allowed and what is not?

To do so, you have a checkbox namely “Allow nonintrusive advertising” by this one more subscription filter is added to your list. You can have a look on the filters here. This can be disabled by going to about:config and changing the settings of extensions.adblockplus.subscriptions_exceptionscheckbox from true to false.

  1. How to whitelist the website

Minimum 10 working days are needed in order to get your ads whitelisted. It needs this much time to makes your ads to be whitelisted, you will have to fill out the form if your website has ads that are in accordance with wishes, requests, demands, requirements, conditions of the acceptable ads criteria.

 The company behind ABP will contact you by themselves in order to determine the exact ads and also they will check that if they are falling under the category of acceptable ads or not. On the both sides, an agreement has to be signed if there are certain changes made. The changes must be necessary, no irrelevant changes are accepted.

As soon as the submission of whitelisting proposal is done, the whitelisting of ad is done at the same time.

  1. Is it true that ad block want this feature or it’s just a rumor?

By a survey which is done in order to get the answer to this question we have got the answer yes. Yes, people want this feature. Only a minimum percent of users are against advertising, they are in favor of blocking the whole advertising. But also there exists maximum number of percent who are in favor of advertising. Their main demand is for the relevant ads, not the irritating and annoying ones. Why ignoring all just because of the fault of one. So, it is not a rumor, it’s a truth.

  1. Finally comes the payment question?

This question is very certain. This arises by default. Here you will glad to know that they get donations from the users but the major part that they get comes as a part of Acceptable ads initiative, it is their main source. The entity which falls under the category of larger entities has to pay licensing fee. This fee is for the white-listing services request. The maximum licenses, around 90% are granted for free; yes no payment is involved at all. Here one thing must be noted that the payments should not be considered in the acceptable ads criteria. The acceptable ads criteria must be independent of that. The white-listing is totally impossible in case if the criteria are not meeting properly.

Payment has to be done but for only the larger entities. They will have to pay.

  • How does ABP (ad blockers plus) work?

There is no functionality exists for ad blockers plus, which it had itself.  It is not going to block anything by itself. You will have to tell that you have to block this.

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