How to Access Netflix Secret Genre Category

netfix secret genre

How to Access Netflix’s Secret Genre Category and Netflix hidden categories, Here is a tip to access all those Netflix hidden genres and Netflix categories

Do you want to know that How to Access Netflix Secret Genre Category? There is a lot to watch on Netflix while you wait for the latest season of your favorite show. And you can browse the shows by categories, and not just the simple ones like Drama, but some hidden categories that you don’t know such as Crime Drama, Tearjerkers, etc. Netflix keeps these subcategories hidden. When you go to classes only about two dozen groups are shown. But there are hundreds of hundreds of subs genres that you can access manually or via an extension of Chrome to narrow your search.

Search Netflix Secret Code Manually:

Thanks to the hardworking individuals at What’s on Netflix, you can look for the subgenres and their corresponding codes. Just go to this web page.

Replace Insert number with the Netflix secret code of the genre you want.

These codes are useful if you are looking for something specific such as Slasher and Serial Killer Movies (8646) or Screwball Comedies (9702). They are also beneficial if you are a fan of foreign drama ad want to browse the content based on countries.

netflix secret genre

Search Netflix secret code by Chrome Extension:

With the Netflix Categories extension on Chrome you can browse not just some but all the hidden categories of Netflix. When you install the extension, a button will be added to the right of the Chrome URL bar. By clicking on the button, you can access all the Netflix’s hidden categories. You can mark them as favorites that will place them up front above the All Categories button. Developers said that more classes would be added.

netflix secret genreThe Chrome extension is a good middle ground between using just the limited categories on Netflix and manually searching for the codes. Also if you know any other secret way to dive deep into Netflix, then don’t forget to let the world know about your ideas in comments.

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How to Access Netflix Secret Genre Category and Netflix hidden categories, Here is a tip to access all those Netflix hidden genres and Netflix categories
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