About Us


about enzuke

Since several years in India as we have analyzed that tech or engineering institutions are no more providing level-headed practical tech skills and experiences to their students to make them too sound to join any tech-based MNC’s as SDE’s. It took several years to develop such industry level tech skills even ourselves after our bachelor program in college and we found it as no worth.

So, we collaborated with 100’s of most prominent tech developers in the world and created Enzuke to turn our people into real code Ninjas, to let them develop an industry level apps or websites by their own, to let them know how the actual development environment works in MNC’s, to make them ready to join their dream job.

The Technology Learning Platform

We are the technology learning platform enterprises depend on to uncover the talent within their organizations, innovate faster and measure their success. We help teams and learners gain the skills they need to create better products and take control of their careers.

Our GeekXPro programs are built with the inspirations from world’s most forward-thinking companies–Google,  AT&T, IBM, GitHub, and more. Our expert project reviewers, mentors and coaches ensure that you’re job-ready.

Enzuke platform experiences

Businesses can evaluate the technical abilities of their teams through skill assessments and analytics, align learning to key objectives with custom plans, and close skills gaps in critical areas.

We are a team of lifelong learners. At Enzuke, our mission inspires everything we do: We’re creating progress through technology that lifts the human condition.

Closing the skills gap

The looming global skills gap affects everyone: Today, there are more technology jobs available than people to fill them. To be successful in this new digital era, companies and learners alike need an on-demand technology learning solution to develop and measure the right skills at the right time.