8 Amazing Facts Which Are Almost Hard To Believe

These are the amazing things you might not know about!

Pigeons and doves are very similar


Pigeons and doves are very similar although their colors may be different but they have huge no. of similarity. As doves have a smaller size of their body while pigeon has bigger one, but both belong to the same family.

Between the wafers of a Kit Kat


Always there are another KitKat filled in between the wafers of the KitKat.  The filling paste is very light and very soft, due to this reason production waste is very less in this stuff.

Shakespeare invented many new words


“William Shakespeare has added words like torture, swag, lonely. He added around 1600 new words to the dictionary of English. He made his special contribution to English literature and gave a huge amount of new words and quotes as well.

Six Theme park


“Six Flags theme park achieved their names from the six countries, these are France, Spain, Mexico, The Confederacy, The Republic of Texas and The United States. The real theme park is present in Arlington. The company has their corporate offices in New York, Manhattan and their Headquarters is in Texas.

We have no idea for the order of ABC’s


Still we have no reason for the particular order of the alphabet, it is going from 1000’s of years and still, we have no idea about the discovery of the order of the alphabets. At that time alphabets traveled around the whole world. Some person gave their ideas about the alphabets, the first alphabet discovered in Egypt.

 Platypuses look funny yet they can harm you


Platypuses are poisonous, yet they look very calm and funny too. It is a semi-aquatic animal. They hunt under water, they swim very gracefully. Their weight is around 1.3Kg. They are very less known animals in the world too.

The world’s largest camel population only in Australia


Australia has the largest camel population than the whole world, even not in the Saudi Arabia. Australia has around 300000 population of a camel. They are trying to control the population of the camel. They have spent a lot of money on it.

Babies are born fearless


“Humans have just two fears of loud noises and strangeness. All other fears they learn very easily, they are fully fearless at their little age but as age increases fear increases, it can be of losing money, loneliness. But a real age kid has almost no fear because he has not any tension or another thing.

Ujjwal Sahay
Ujjwal Sahay is the Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder of Enzuke as well as Author of the cyber security books Hack-X-Crypt and X-Shell. Primarily Ujjwal writes about technology and front-end developer by profession. For more details about him check out his portfolio at [ ujjwalsahay.com ]
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