7 Things That An Employer Looks For In A Prospective Employee

Dependability, Trustworthiness And Proficiency

The employee employer relationship is a blend of ‘dependability, trustworthiness and proficiency” and while jobs are very demanding, the employee too understands his role and leaves no stone unturned to stand up to any situations to face the challenges posed in day to day discharge of duties.


Dependability is the driving gear to be a good employee. It simply means ‘ownership’ of the allocated jobs and even beyond that what ever may come up unexpectedly during the process of work. Ownership is a word which implies that the employee puts himself into the shoes of employer and then realise what he would be doing for the betterment of his business. This includes punctuality, regularity, dressing sense and mannerism. It is an approach of life which turns you a professional and committed.

Self Motivation- Yes, You Can Do It.!

Self motivation is another trait which an employer looks for in his perspective employee. Self motivation is infect a very positive quality which keeps the employee walking on his toes while at work he is already on his heels. It is a process of self glorification when a man thinks himself to be the best among others irrespective of other factors. Self motivation is the source of enthusiastic energy and fills us with more confidence.

Good Character

An employee is the best Brand Ambassador for his organisation and its products. He is supposed to be a man with a good social image and high reputation out side the organisation, a man of ethics who can maintain the work life balance. Employee should be the one who can rise to the occasion when ever challenges arise. Employees are supposed to be the team players. It is a quality when we can work together and share the credit of doing things.

Intelligence- IQ

The next most cardinal quality is intelligence- the ability to plan, organiser, solve problems and to get the job done. Hallmark of intelligence is evident by immediate curiosity.


Major quality of an employee is leadership- the willingness and desire to accept the responsibilites. The sign of good leader is that he or she never makes lame excuses to run away from the duties.


The positive attitude thus created would go a long way to solve the company problems and help in the progress of the organisation. So as a job seeker we should focus on these aspects of personality to be the creative, participative and contributing part of a management with whom we have to work.
This is a guide map for young defining the basics of a good employee and to make the skills more effective there is no limit.

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