7 must known hacks that might rescue your life in sudden

These little things are so vital that someday it will save you from a big blunder!

1. Don’t use a mobile phone while driving

Driving accidents by phone

According to Health and safety consultants during driving using your phone can be dangerous. This can create an accident. Also during traveling on road, using the phone can create mind problem. This little thing can prevent you from any big danger.

2. Make sure to have the proper clothes for winter season

Winter clothes

As wet skin releases heat faster, so it’s necessary to keep your skin dry as long as possible. Also, Ensure that body temperature should not fall rapidly by using woolen clothes. They are very appropriate at absorbing moisture. Cotton-like fabrics have poor moisture absorbing power. You have to properly ensure that.

3. Do not pump your life jacket before exiting the airship


This is true in emergency landings. The correct thing to do is to take a long breath and jump out of the aircraft with your jacket. When you safely exit from the plane then you should pull the cord. In this way, you can heal your life.

4. Always carry anti-allergic medicines

medicine enzuke

We never know that when an allergic reaction may strike. Always make sure to have pills for allergy at hand. In this way, you can get easy relief from little pain. Allergy can occur due to some different weather conditions and in contact with another person.

5. When vegetable oil catches fire on a stove, turn off the gas and put something to lower the flames

Flames accident

Never use water when trying to extinguish the burning oil and fat. They will immediately end up at the lower portion of the pan and will make the flames stronger. The correct action is to block the burning pan with some different thing as it will cut off the supply of oxygen. This can save you from the big danger.

6. Always carry a powerful torchlight


Safety experts suggest this simple tool as an important tool in case of ambushing. If you find a suspicious person who is clearly seen to attack you, shine this powerful flashlight directly into his or her face and eyes. In this way, you have a powerful chance to escape from there. This little thing can extract you from the big danger.

7. Always carry important documents

documents enzuke

Always keep some ID papers on your person. These documents should include all important medical instructions such as your group of blood, disability, any allergic problem etc. In this way, if anything unexpected occurs with you, even an unknown person will be able to help you in a quick and an effective manner. Also keep a list of important contacts, phone numbers of people those need to be contacted in case of any danger situation.

Hope you loved this little stuff you should always care about! let us know your views in comments!

Ujjwal Sahay
Ujjwal Sahay is the Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder of Enzuke as well as Author of the cyber security books Hack-X-Crypt and X-Shell. Primarily Ujjwal writes about technology and front-end developer by profession. For more details about him check out his portfolio at [ ]
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