7 Must Known Computer Components For Everyone

In a computational world of technology, a computer geek must know about basic computer components which takes part during I/O process.

A computer does several programs simultaneously, for executing thousands of processes these components plays a very important role so you should have a brief knowledge about these components.


Motherboard refers to as a printed circuit board (PCB) also known as a system board, main board, logic board or many other names. It holds the communication between many electronic components of a system like central processing unit (CPU) and memory and provides keys/connectors for other peripheral. The motherboard contains RAM or ROM chips, sound cards, graphic cards, SATA connector, CMOS battery backup, Floppy drive connector, CPU fan and much more.


The keyboard contains various keys on which different characters, letter, numbers and some special characters are printed on them. Whenever user gives an input by pressing any key, the character print on that key comes as an output which can see on the computer screen also called monitor. Hence it becomes the main input device of a computer. Every computer contains on-Screen keyboard we can also give input through it without any interruption. On-Screen keyboard plays the important role during any key of your keyboard had junked or you have not any keyboard.


Hard Disk Drive (HDD) also known as the hard drive or fixed disk. It is a digital data storage device which is used for storing and retrieving thousands of bytes of data /information. HDD is a non-volatile memory that means stored data can be retained even when power is turned off. It is a secondary storage device for general purpose computers. In HDDs data is accessed in a random-access manner it means that the individual block of information or data can be store and retrieve in any order and not only sequentially approach.


The monitor comes under computer hardware devices. It is a display screen which can be CRT, LCD or LED TV on which you can see videos and graphic information generated by the computer. It has high display resolution.


An operating system is a software on which different applications and programs are executing simultaneously to produce output or result. There are several of OS present today, most popular OS is Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. OS has different types such as real-time OS, Distributed OS, multiuser OS etc. The operating system has many advantages such as it is multi-tasking, easy to use, reliable so user gains better experience during execution of processes.


The mouse is a peripheral device of the computer. It is an input device that is used with PCs. Moving mouse along with the flat surface it moves the cursor on the monitor as the same way. There are two buttons, by right-clicking a button you can select a program and by left clicking, it will give you some extra information.



Central Processing Unit known as CPU is the main part of the computer. It is the brain of a computer in which a number of arithmetic and logical operations are performed. It has two main parts one is Arithmetic Logic Unit in which arithmetic operations like + – * / are performed and second is Control Unit (CU) that directs the operation of the processor.
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