5 Stars In The Field Of Standup Comedy You May Don’t Know About

It is rightly said that laughter is the best medicine. A light moment at the end of the day is sufficient to make us forget all our worries for a while and look at the positive side of life. I was watching standup comedy online after a hectic and tiring day to lift up my sunken spirits when I happened to ponder over the efforts put in comedians into the construction of a joke. Coming up with content that does not hurt the sentiments of any section of the society and at the same time is also humorous is not a child’s play. I realized that it takes much more than what we think to tickle a depressed soul’s funny bone.

We all often share jokes with our family and friends to cheer them up. But, do we give the creators of those couple of witty and entertaining lines their due credit for bringing a smile on the faces of our loved ones? We seldom do.  So, I wish to share a list of all those unsung heroes who succeeded in filling the canvas of my life with vibrant colors when it was dull and mundane.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

Biswa is an engineer turned comedian who hails from Bhubaneshwar. He has mastered the art of cracking jokes about the most trivial objects of life. His comedy acts are extremely relatable and can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

Kenneth Sebastian

Popularly known as Kenny, this comedian has taken standup comedy to the next level. His incredible sense of humour and style of delivery has made him a youth icon and enables him to connect with his audience instantly.

Abish Mathew

He is a standup comedian, actor and musician. This multi-talented personality is known for his work with All India Bakchod and Son of Abish.

Amit Tandon

He is one of the best known observational comics in India. His extemporary use on English and Hindi makes his comedy acts strike a chord with the Indian audience instantly. Also, you simply can’t afford to ignore his comic tagline which reads “Produced by mother, directed by wife!”

Abhijit Ganguly

His excellent body language and voice modulations will definitely leave you impressed!  If you follow his comic acts keenly then you will come to realize that he creates the perfect mixture of wit and humor.

So next time when you are feeling low and are clueless about what is to be done, check out the videos of these young men armed with wit and humour on Youtube and say goodbye to all your worries! If we are missing some one who is one of your fav and still people don't know about them , Don't forget to let us know in comments!


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