20 Best Innovative Ideas To Start Your Own Business In 2017

Here we are going to unleash the 20 Best innovative ideas for business in 2017

Here we are going to unleash the 20 Best innovative ideas for business in 2017

Through this article I am going to make you familiar with some really innovative ideas for business that can help you to turn your dream into reality. Before we start, i would like to introduce you to ‘innovation. Actually innovation is the way we do something differently and desire to make new products or services.

To change tradition into modern is called innovation.”

So let’s get started.

Start Blogging



Blogging is a way of online marketing. Blogging is one of the leading innovative ideas for business in 2017. It is also a very low cost, investment based internet startup.

To start blogging you need to have the skills of writing & reading. Blog is an informational website that provides information about the topic. Your topics can be technology, traveling, fashion, food, and any type of guidance.

Mostly bloggers earn hundred to thousand dollars monthly by blogging.

Start your own E-commerce site


Amazon.com, eBay, Flipkart, Alibaba, are some great examples of successful e-commerce website. You also can start your own. But to be successful you have to have a great idea. You will have come up with an idea that sells a type of product or service that is needed by the society and no one in the market is supplying it well.

Some innovative e-commerce portals are Zomato.com, foodpanda.com, zivame.com, and many more that you can research.

Online Tutoring firm


This is also one of the best innovative ideas for business in 2017. If you have great knowledge and experiences in any specific field then you can share it online. In the beginning you will have to make a content list and then make some videos gradually,to be uploaded to YouTube.

With the good views on your videos you can make good money.

Also, you can start it independently as code.org, treehouse.com, w3schools.com, and codeacademy.com etc.

1) Editorial firm

This is also a creative & innovative idea for business in 2017. If you are fond of writing and blogging then you can start your own editorial firm. You can provide content writing services, editing, proofreading, & copy writing services to your clients.You should promote your business to get touch with more & more clients. You also can start it online as contentmart.com.

2) Online consultant

If you have some knowledge & experiences in any field, then you should start your own online consultancy firm. Your field may be career, financial, health, event, and many more. One of my friends is a good investors and he has great experience and skill in stock market investment. A few day ago he started a fund management consultancy where he manages his clients fund and provides them good return using his skills.

You also can provide freelance services that can give you more traffic and money. One thing to consider here is that you are not only advisor so you should learn all the work of consultant.

3) Make your E-store on eBay or Amazon.

You also can start this business. If you love to sell & earn but you do not any marketplace. In such a case you can start with eBay or Amazon.Here you have to register first, then you have to register your products. After that you can successfully setup your e-store.Here the company will ship your products and charge you some bit to ship your product.In a week you can reach thousands of sell and earn a great profit.

4) Make your Greenhouse

This is also one of the creative & innovative ideas for business in 2017. If you have a garden or open plot then you can setup a greenhouse. You can start planting &then selling your plants.You can also promote your business online via social sites & websites.

5) Book Rental firm

You also can start this business easily in 2016. To start it you have to connect with a whole seller and your customers. You can make your Facebook page or an e-store where customers can easily call & connect to you.  When you get orders for any type of book rental, call your seller to forward all orders.

6) Website or App Consultant

If you love web & app designing and want to start a business then this is one the best innovative ideas for you You can design e-commerce website & apps for your clients. You can start to flip website, apps, or domains on flippa.com. You also can provide some relevant services like hosting & digital marketing etc. To promote your business, you can make your Facebook page and website.

7) School & Office suppliers

You also can start an online service for provide all needful accessories as pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, diaries, and dresses etc.

Here your earning depends on your dealing & connecting ability.

8) Electronic Recycling firm

Your computer or laptops may be a goldmine for you. Steel, Copper, & other electronics components too costly but many peoples do not understand it. You also can recycle CFL, LED, and LCD screens that all can give you big money.

You also can refurbish them if possible. For more growth in your business you can start your online refurbished store.  It is also one of the innovative ideas for business in 2017.

9) Jewellery making firm

Here I am talking about temporary jewellery.  Today many women like jewelleries made of plastic, glass, stones, and feathers because these are too cheap and creative.

You also can show your creativity by jewellery designing. You can learn all things on YouTube. You also can sell them on Amazon, eBay, etsy.com, or on your own blog.

10) Digital Marketing firm

If you have skills &experiences in digital marketing then you should start your own digital marketing firm. You can provide SEO, SEM, SMM, & content marketing services to your customers. You also can promote your business by social sites and your website. Nowadays, lots of websites wants to promote their business so they find digital marketer. So this is good opportunity for make a successful business.

If you do not have these skills then you also can learn all things online.

11) Food delivery business

Food delivery is also one of the best innovative ideas for business in 2017. To start it you have to connect with all restaurants & food makers of your city. Then you have to promote yourself by social sites and your website.

Actually your work is to place orders from restaurants (your food partner) to your clients. Simply when your clients order you by a call then you will have to check their area and call the nearest food provider for servicing.

12) Event planning firm

If you have skills to plan and host an event then you should try in event planning business.Here you have to work with your clients to organise their events. To start it you have to choose your event type, it may be marriage, party, fund rising events, social events& workshop etc.

This is also one of the innovative ideas for business in 2017. You also can read “how to start an event organising firm easily”.

13) Make your App

If you are technical geek who programming then you should start making your own app. For this business, you have to brainstorm a bit and find out the idea.

Here the idea behind the app that you want to launch plays a vital role. Some great ideas can give you lots of money and fame easily.There are also some common ideas that are news app, games, entertainment apps, messaging app etc.

There are thousands of successful apps that are awesome and too innovative. For example, Hotstar, Whatsapp, Angry bird&Pokémon go etc.

14) Share Market Brokerage firm

If you love to invest in share market and want to help others, then this is wonderful business idea for you. Actually share market broker is someone who helps their clients to invest in share market. They always advise them and work to make profit for their client.

For this service they charge some bit from their clients. Actually this is a competitive field but by innovation you can make it simple. Actually in start you have to brainstorm to connect & find your clients.

15) Cloud & Web hosting firm

This is one of the best innovative ideas for business in 2017. To start it you can buy a dedicated server and then resell it to webmasters or your clients. When you get the increments in you numbers of clients then you can setup your own server. This is a good idea for home based people or retiree. And if you are an innovative entrepreneur then you can make your websites, blog, and Facebook page.

You also can do some publicity stunts for your business. Nowadays cloud based business has lots of opportunity.

16) Make your YouTube channel

If you’re creative & want to make money with fan following then this is the best innovative idea for you. Actually if you have some topics, info, & skills to attract your viewer then this is a good idea for you.

To start it you have to finalize your topic that may be technology, entertainment, news, or other attractive topics. And then you have to make clean & conceptual videos and then upload them. If your videos get views then you can earn by Google AdSense. But before start this business you have make a good research on it.

17) Online Tiffin centre

If you are a house wife and want to start business at home then this is one of the innovative ideas for you. Firstly you have to connect with your market, that is students and office person.  You also can make your Facebook page & whatsapp group for promote your business.

When you find your monthly basis client then hire a delivery boy for delivery. Actually this is low cost business. But if you want to make it large then you can make your website & can connect with food partners & clients in various cities.

18) Innovative Nursery school

If you love to teach and play with children then this is one of the best innovative ideas for business for you.  You can start a nursery school where you provide all types of basic information related to all subjects, science, arts, creativity, machines, etc.

You can make a place where children can learn everything frankly & easily. To start it you have to make a business prototype. Then you can promote your business by online & offline.

19) Room Rental services

Actually you also can start this business easily. This is a type of traditional business idea but if you innovate it then you can operate it on a large scale. You have to connect with house owners who want to rent their house or rooms then promote your business online or offline. Actually to start it you have to do good research about it. You also can communicate with us on our Facebook page regarding any problems.

20) Travel agency

This is also a traditional business idea but if you innovate it then this will be one of the best innovative ideas for business in 2017. Actually you can organize a travelling plan on affordable rates then promote it online & offline. By this you can earn a big amount because many people pay highly for this event.  Actually you also can start travelling event agency where you will offer tour packages to your clients.

Final word

This article is mostly dedicated to all new entrepreneurs who want to start and stay on first stage.I wish these 20 innovative ideas for business will surely help you for start soon.

Akash Shakya
Akash Shakya is the senior editor and covers everything related to Entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he found helping people to grow their startup to stand out in the competition. Along with that Akash is the Co-Founder himself. Get in touch with him at akash@enzuke.com
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