20 Best Ways to Make your Blog Post Viral on the Internet

Here are some of the most widely used techniques to make your post viral all over the internet.


As we all know making a post viral is really a hard job, despite the fact that sometimes things go unexpectedly making some of the most un-usual contents viral overnight . Oh! By The Way, The Truth is there is no Fixed-Secret Magic Trick to make your Blog Post viral, but there are some sort of Techniques which really helpful in elevating the degrees of reach-ability or find-ability of the Post. Which in results, maximizes the chances of getting viral.

A great blog needs great contents, but sometimes, even if a blog have many good quality posts and if it’s not reachable or (in sort visible) to the people then its really don’t counts. In sort,  if nobody sees your post it’s not useful to anybody besides you . That’s the Problem!!



So, How do we fixed this issue of reach-ability of  post around the internet.?

Well, there exist a lot of tools, platforms and techniques all over the internet which can drive huge amount of traffic to your website/blog. Taking this fact in consideration also note that Not All Methods Really Worked out sometimes!  but a lot of’em really works!!.


Now, what we need to do first?

Before making the post officially visible at your blog, Try to follow these methods in order to make it achieve more on the internet.

1. Keyword Optimization:
Use the Google Keyword Tool and the choose the title of your post based on the popular search terms available.
2. Picture Perfection:

Use the most relevant picture and attach it to the key content of post, it better to show the product rather than just telling about it.

3. Make it error-free:

Re-read the whole content of the post until it becomes more error free and contradict less.

After Posting the post on the blog:

Use these Platforms to amplify the reach-ability of the post and generate more traffic.

4. Facebook :
 Share the Post on Facebook, the more people will see,more will be the chances for people to get engaged in it.
5. Twitter:

Tweet it on Twitter.

6. YouTube:

Use YouTube if its relevant.

7. Google+:

Spread it on Google+ as well

8. Reddit:

Submit it on Reddit, Digg,Yahoo Buzz and StumbleUpon

9. Digg
10. StumbleUpon
11. Yahoo Buzz
12. Refer to posts on Quora
13. Refer to posts on Linkedln
14. Refer to posts on Yahoo! answer as well
15. Find other Bloggers and request them to mention your post.
16. Do Forum Comments and refer them your post.
17. Do relevant Blog Comments in other related articles.
18. Provide SEO Keywords for images used in post.
19. Directory Submission
20. RSS Submission.

These are some of the ways to generate more traffic, try to do more of them to maximize the chances of people actually sees it.

Try these out and Let us know what you thinks and share your own ways too…..Good Luck!



Akash Shakya
Akash Shakya is the senior editor and covers everything related to Entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he found helping people to grow their startup to stand out in the competition. Along with that Akash is the Co-Founder himself. Get in touch with him at
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