10 Things You Must Disable In Windows 10 New Update

Don’t forget to disable these things in windows 10 new update to maintain your security!

Undoubtedly windows 10 is the best cloud-oriented release from the Microsoft yet. Along with getting new nifty features within the new OS, some of your personal data is also being shared with the Microsoft server. Fairly being a trustworthy company when it leads to utilize your personal data underneath catchy services like Cortana and cloud oriented platform doesn’t seem good and fair at all.

Great fairness to Microsoft, this type of tricky behavior become common in the tech world now these days. So, something you must disable in windows 10 to keep your data personal and which also leads to the better performance and battery life.

Disable apps to access your location, microphone, and webcam

In windows, 10 apps are set to default to access your location, microphone, and webcam. Yes, it will create a sense when a video chat application requires access to your webcam and microphone but WTF when even all the apps along with third-party apps need your webcam and microphone. And yes we cannot forget about the location they need which directly leads to a reduction of battery and performance of your PC. I hope you people can justify yourself how. Downstairs mentioned that how to disable apps to acquire your webcam, a microphone along with the location:

> Head up to your SETTINGS then to the PRIVACY menu:

Disabling camera, location, and microphone access

Disabling unwanted Ads

Now windows 10 providing you the unique advertising identification to serve yourself with unwanted targeted advertisements, also without any option to remove it permanently. But not to worry, you can at least disable third-party apps to access this info. Let’s see how:

As alike the previous one just point towards your PRIVACY SETTINGS in the SETTINGS menu and disable the options.

Disabling Ads

Disabling Wi-Fi Sense

And here comes the Wi-Fi Sense provided by Microsoft as a service which by default summarizes your network passwords and can automatically be shared with your social friends.


Let’s see if it actually is.. Settings compatible with this service provided by the new OS is in this way that you have to choose what passwords you want to share and none of them will be revealing by your explicit choice. As Microsoft promises that your passwords will be stored in highly encrypted and secured server when shared and not be disclosed to any third party. But that’s only it, it’s my password and why would I like to serve it with even Microsoft or any other firm from the moon either the place is encrypted or not!

So be aware and disable the service heading up to SETTINGS > NETWORK & The INTERNET > Wi-Fi > MANAGE Wi-Fi SETTINGS > Wi-Fi SENSE and turn the service off.

Disabling Wi-Fi Sense

Disabling Wi-Fi Sense

Disabling ‘Getting to know you’ service

One of the most disturbing feature if there is in windows 10 then its “Getting to know you” service. The truth behind this service is to log your personal movements around windows 10 like a Keylogger does like your contacts, calendar, handwriting, typing history and much more at just a name of providing you a better experience with Cortana. So if you are not a Cortana fanboy then it should be your primary concern to kick this feature out. Let’s see how:

Turning towards your SETTINGS > PRIVACY and pointing to SPEECH, INKING& TYPING option just hit on STOP GETTING TO KNOW ME option.

Disabling getting to know you service

Disabling Auto-updates and Bandwidth Sharing

Now similar to a torrent services Microsoft is now providing you a peer-to-peer network and data sharing for downloading updates letting you to also upload a part of yours to the other users. Which may lead you to unnecessary expensive data waste. So if you are one of the wise ones then get here how to disable the great feature:

As usual, into the SETTINGS menu point up to UPDATE & SECURITY > WINDOWS UPDATE > ADVANCED OPTION > CHOOSE HOW TO UPDATES DELIVER and switch off the service.

Disabling bandwidth sharing

Disabling bandwidth sharing

Disabling bandwidth sharing

And along with the bandwidth sharing service, Microsoft also provides auto restart service while you are using your PC or not after installing the automatic updates. Which can lead you to lose your unsaved data during your workout on you PC because it by default will restart itself when the updates are automatically installed. So getting rid of this shit let’s disable it as mentioned downstairs:

In the same way as in the previous one ADVANCED OPTIONS (point to the SETTINGS menu > UPDATE & SECURITY > WINDOWS UPDATE > ADVANCED OPTION) just change the AUTOMATIC RECOMMENDED setting by NOTIFY TO SCHEDULE RESTART to let you know before restarting your computer. Also, you can just DEFER the updates just below it to stop automatic updates.

Disabling auto updates and restart

So these were the more harassing features compatible with the new OS windows 10 which you must disable throughout. If I am missing something, let me know your suggestions in the comments.

Ujjwal Sahay
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